Requirements For Membership

Our Memberships are as follows:

A. Active Membership: Active members shall be surgeons of high moral standing and professional qualifications who have been actively engaged in the practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery in the State of Texas for at least (1) year. They shall be citizens of the United States unless waiver is granted by the Council. Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or its Canadian equivalent shall be a prerequisite for Active Membership. Annual Dues are $650.00

B. Associate Membership: Associate Membership shall consist of two categories:

Military Plastic Surgeons who are stationed in the State of Texas and who otherwise would be qualified for Candidate or Active Membership in the Society. 
 Individuals of high moral, ethical and professional standing in the State of Texas and who are actively engaged in a profession, medical specialty, scientific or paramedical field which is directly related to plastic and reconstructive surgery, and whose contribution in such field or fields has directly further the art, science, and practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Annual Dues are $325.00

C. Candidate for Membership: Candidates for Membership shall be surgeons who have satisfactorily completed formal training to qualify for certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or its Canadian equivalent. They shall be engaged in the active practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery and shall have established a permanent office in the State of Texas. Upon election to Candidate for Membership and upon payment of the annual dues, the Candidates shall have all of the privileges of Active Membership except that they may not hold office and they shall not be allowed to vote or attend that portion of the Business Meeting concerned with membership. A Candidate Member who has not been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (or its Canadian equivalent) within five (5) years from the time of his or her election to TSPS Candidate Member status will lose his or her Candidate membership and must reapply for membership in the appropriate membership category like a new applicant.

Candidates who have otherwise fulfilled all of the requirements for Active Membership, but have not achieved citizenship in the United States within five (5) years after entering practice in the State of Texas, shall be notified by the Council, through the Office of the Secretary, that membership in the TSPS has been withdrawn, unless an extension or waiver is granted by the Council. Annual Dues are $525.00

D. Resident/Fellow Membership: Applicants for Resident/Fellow Membership must be a full-time Plastic Surgery Resident enrolled in a program in the State of Texas and approved by the ACGME or a Fellow in a Post-Residency program acceptable to the Executive Council. Upon completion or termination of the Residency/Fellowship, the resident/fellow may then apply for Candidate Membership in the TSPS. Resident/Fellow Members do not pay dues, vote, hold office, or attend the Business Meeting. They are encouraged to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting and present papers. Annual Dues are $0.00